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Every project generates a different mix of  waste, leading to unique weight and disposal needs. Use the calculators below to estimate what size RED-E-BIN you need. And if one of our two sizes doesn’t seem to fit your project perfectly, we can either do a mid-project swap-out or send a second RED-E-BIN—always at a discount!


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These calculations are intended to be estimates only.  The actual weight and size of your project may vary.

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Roofing Shingles
Structure Demolition

RED-E When You Are!

Dumpster Rental Guide

See the RED-E-BIN delivery and pickup process (spoiler alert: we make it simple for you)

Bin Sizes

RED-E-BINs come in 8x4x4 and 10x5x5 sizes. Find out which fits your project.

Do's & Don'ts

Know what’s ok and not ok to put in your RED-E-BIN

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